Mò te ià abbettà l'ècchie ! - Now I'm gonna dot your eyes! - Vito, born in 1965
Iè mmuèrte! - He's dead! - Lillo, born in 1968
Non ne vogghie sapè cchiù nudde! - I don't want to hear another word!  - Giuseppe, born in 1929
Statte citte! - Shut up! - Francesco, born in 1952
Quànde goste? - How much is it? - Salvatore, born in 1936
Le corne ca tìine - The horns you have ! You're a naughty trickster! - Mariannina, born in 1936
Recottàre! - You're a pimp! - Nicola, born in 1937
Mòh! Ce ssì ffine! - You're so refined! - Nicoletta, born in 1938
Pedecchiùse! Strìitte de cule! - Lousy and stingy ! With a tight ass! - Felice, born in 1950
Iè d'assì matte! - I'm going out of my head! - Maria, born in 1931
Và-a rrubbe a Ssanda Necòle! - Go and steal from Saint Nicholas! - Domenico, born in 1941
Iè mmuèrte! - He's dead! - Peppino, born in 1937
Mò te ià dà iùne! - I'll hit you! - Giuseppe, born in 1931
Tàgghie! - Cut it off! Make it short!  - Maria, born in 1931
Sì assute sscème? - Have you gone mad ? Are you out of your mind? - Onofrio, born in 1930
Frùsckue! - What a tricky girl! - Annamaria, born in 1941
Te ià torce u cuèdde come a le gaddine! - I will wring your neck as you do with hens! - Gaetano, born in 1967
Arrète! - Here we go again! - Angelina, born in 1921
A umma - a umme! - Like a thief in the night, in hiding! - Pietro, born in 1936
Iè mmègghie a ppèrdue! - Vacuum to lose! Knobhead! - Gianbattista, born in 1965
Sì nu tagghia tagghie! - You are a gossipy person! - Giuseppe, born in 1929
Se n'assciùte de cape! - He's out of his mind! - Isabella, born in 1936
A umma - a umme! - Like a thief in the night, in hiding! - Mario, born in 1931
Te n'ha da scì da ddò! - Go away from here! - Giovanni, born in 1938
Stonne acchesì! - They are like this! - Pietro, born in 1936
Ce ssì dditte? - What did you say? I didn't understand! - Mario, born in 1931
Recottàre! - You're a pimp! - Mimmo, born in 1969
Tu la sà longhe! - You've got all of the answers! You know it all! - Angelo, born in 1985
N'ha ffritte de pulpe, la frùsckue! - She has been frying enough pulps! - Nunzia, born in 1958
Facce de trè de mazze! - You have the face like the “three sticks“ card! - Giovanni, bornin 1974
Mò te ià fà u cule acchesì! - And now I'll destroy your ass! - Umberto, born in 1957
Oh, e ce-iè la Latteria Prìngepe! - Oh, what have you got there? The entire Principe Dairy produce! - Francesco Paolo, born in 1966
Iè na carta bbone! - He/she is a good asset, he/she is a valuable person! - Michele, born in 1943
Asatte - asatte ! - Upstanding! A person of integrity! - Marta, born in 1943
BBèlle bbèlle! - Don't rush, go slowly! - Antonio, born in 1937
Mòooh, ce fìite! - What a stink! - Giovanni, born in 1938
Và-a rrubbe a Ssanda Necòle! - Go and steal from Saint Nicholas! - Caterina, born in 1928
Iè mmuèrte! - He's dead! - Saverio, born in 1939
Recottàre - You're a pimp! - Nardino, born in 1957
Madò ce uà! - You really made a mess! - Rosa, born in 1933
La fésse de mamete - Your mother's vulva - Nicola, born in 1974
Mò t'agghie a fà na carecate de mazzate! - Now, I'm gonna hit you!  - Giovanni, born in 1938
Mò te ià fà u cule acchesì! - And now I'll destroy your ass! - Nicola, born in 1948
La cape aggire! - I've so much troubles! - Felice, born in 1950
Ce v'acchiànne? - What the heck do you want? - Maria, born in 1931
Sì remanùte com'a la zite de Cègghie! - You're alone like the bride from Ceglie del Campo! - Gaetana, born in 1948
Pìgghiue n-gule! - Take this! Take it in that place! - Vincenzo, born in 1944
Te sì ammenàte o cendròne! - You're aiming at destroying my brain circuits! - Francesco, born in 1942